Gefen Hashalom

Good memories in a glass

Gefen Hashalom – vine of peace

Gefen Hashalom is a cooperative project between wine makers and supporter of Jewish wine culture. It is the only kosher Riesling from Germany.

OK - certified kosher

Gefen Hashalom has been certified as kosher by OK.


  • Nik Weis, St. Urbans-Hof (Mosel-Riesling)
  • Max von Kunow, Weingut von Hövel (Saar-Riesling)
  • Andrea Wirsching, Weingut Hans Wirsching (Franken SIlvaner ab 2016)


All three wineries are part of “TWIN wineries”, meaning they have partner wineries in Israel with, which they maintain a friendly and regular exchange.

The Team behind Gefen Hashalom

Nik Weis
St. Urbanshof
Max von Kunow
Van Hoevel
Dr. Mark Indig
Dr. Mark Indig
Benz Botmann
Benz Botmann

Gefen Hashalom wineries

Press and reviews

The nose on this wine is dry, it is in NO way tropical like the Hagafen and other sweet Rieslings, which is very different than its mouth, the aromas are not redolent, like the 2014 vintage, it shows yellow apple, stone fruit, with flint, honeysuckle flowers, and other floral notes.

Kosher Wine Musings

The Gefen Hashalom wines represent the first kosher-certified Mosel Rieslings to be made in many decades, and Weis’ kosher wine is also the first to be imported into the United States at least since World War II, and is possibly — even likely — the first ever.

The New York Jewish Week

This wine is incredible, really in almost every way that I can describe it. It is a beautiful old world Riesling, its acid is intense, its mineral and saline come at you in waves, and forget about the impressive fruit structure.

Kosher Wine Musings

At 11.5% AbV (and assuming you are OK with German products), this is a wine that needs to be an integral part of your drinking portfolio.

Yossie's Cork Board

Indeed, this is a delicate, vibrant, complex and rewarding example of village-level Mosel. This is selling fast, so pick up a bottle if you can still find any.

Jewish World Review

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